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PMC Elettronica - Assemblaggio schede e apparecchiature Elettroniche


The boards are assembled in an anti-static environment with high quality materials, we use automatic and manual preforming machines.
The soldering control of the boards with PTH technology is performed with temperature-controlled soldering stations.
The quality specifications of our company include an additional spot check before the boards are packaged.


We produce boards with SMD technology, always keeping both the assembly and the soldering of the components under control, tracking the soldering profile on each batch put into production. We work in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity.
The control of the boards assembled with SMD technology is performed by an operator with a microscope or viewer on 100% of the assembled lots.
Any repairs are made with temperature controlled soldering irons and air soldering and desoldering stations.


The boards are checked and soldered in an anti-static environment with temperature-controlled soldering stations.
We perform spot checks in post-production, before packing the boards and sending them to the Customer.
Our staff is highly specialised and has years of experience, ensuring quality and efficiency in the processing that maintain the high standard of our products.


Our production


The cornerstones of our strength have always been respecting product delivery dates and our successful relationships with customers, always exceeding their expectations.
The production is mainly based on the assembly of both PTH and SMD electronic boards. In addition PMC Elettronica has a wave soldering department with preparation and preforming stations for assembling components and reworking and board completion stations, all with ESD protection, guaranteeing the highest possible level of quality.
We are able to supply the finished product with the assembly of mechanical parts, we also provide the complete board and if requested by the customer we perform electro-mechanical assembly work.
Moreover, PMC Elettronica offers testing with custom equipment supplied by the Customer.
The flexibility of our Company also allows us to have competitive pricing on the market for both small and medium orders


All departments and equipment are used and checked in compliance with CEI EN 61340-5-1