Just as Italian poet, Manzoni, navigated the conflicting periods of enlightenment and romanticism, so can a company find its way and transform an area from being just a place to somewhere with its own identity.

Enlightenment is often the basis of entrepreneurial activity; a basic idea grows and becomes concrete in the resolution of any problems that occur during its journey from birth to growth. Still, when an idea becomes established and has become a strong and reliable reality, its initial energy does not run out, but instead transforms into a power that is ready to fuel new projects.

In 2017, PMC Elettronica completed a cycle of thirty years of business, success and innovation.

A company’s growth is often measured with too much focus on the economic side alone, and this is why this company, with its new awareness, is concerned with establishing a presence in the area where it is based, using its influence and renewed energy.

Therefore, the conflict between social norms and imagination does not end with an economic contrast in this case, but rather it is reinforced by a physical presence that both draws energy from these projects and generates more.

PMC Elettronica has decided to actively participate in the refurbishment and relaunching of a typical Lake Como boat, the Lucia, and through the Gruppo Manzoniano Lucie, an amateur sports association, has contributed to renewing the prestige of this magnificent tradition.

The project involves lighting all the boats participating in the sporting and cultural events organised by the association, thus allowing the events to be extended into the evening and the night.

The wonder of seeing the characteristic shapes of the illuminated arches and hull, framed in the image of that lake that inspired Manzoni himself to create the style of the modern novel, continues to appeal to the inquisitive minds of people of any age and origin, leaving a great impression and instilling great pride into locals and tourists alike. The Lucia boats sometimes remain exposed in the small harbours of the lake, and at dusk the lights are transformed into familiar outdoor decorations, as if they had always been there, to illuminate the port and show romantic lovers who flock from all over the world the movements of the dark waters in time with the background music for a few extra hours.

Young residents have also had the opportunity to appreciate the return of these traditions, through school lessons held on the Lucia boats, in their lake, being able to feel for themselves the emotions of appreciation and belonging that local customs can proudly evoke in each of them.

Young people with a number of disabilities, including down syndrome and low vision, were also given the opportunity to experience the strong feelings that this extraordinary boat incites. Meeting a greater success than was expected from the looks visible on their faces, from the first slightly unsteady step on the boat to the unmistakable desire to get back on board as soon as possible. Also Manzoni was brought back on the typical Lucia boats described by him in “The Betrothed”, with readings taken from the novel and performed by actors wearing costumes from his time. The events took place in the evening, on the illuminated Lucia boats, among the excited looks of the lucky participants and the sighs of young lovers.

“Visit the Manzoniano Lucie Group website by clicking here”
For PMC Elettronica this represents an important aspect of being in the area, our own area, which every day inspires and frames our desire to build and succeed by experiencing it first hand.